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troppres planb A service devoted to bakersThe Moulins d’Antoine have, since 1926, cultivated a passion for the milling of flour. Our know-how and passion for cereals, have enabled us to become forerunners in putting in place a system for ensuring and maintaining the quality of our products from seed to bread . This route to quality is the fruit of a direct collaboration between all parties at all stages of production : the farmers work closely with our miller who knows how to extract the best that the land can offer :

-Rye from Margeride

– Wheat from the Limagne for our product « De la Graine au Pain »

We have always used our expertise in blending to assist those artisans searching for natural, authentic cereals with which to work. Flours recognised as those of the highest qualityThis expertise and know-how are recognised by the top names in bakery and restauration. An example of this recognition is that our clients (direct and indirect) hold 45 Michelin stars between them. bottompres


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French flours

French Bread & Pastries

This bread, a product of French know-how in the art of bread making, is world renowned. Since 1926 the Moulins d’Antoine has stood out for the quality of their products and notably for their flour “seigle de Margeride”.

We have an optimal mixture of wheat that remains constant throughout the harvest in order to produce the most natural flour.

Our French Flours

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